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As Chief Executive of Kesarwani Joddi website I would like to welcome you to our family.

This section of the site, "CEO's PAGE" is my own personal message board and blog for those looking to gain additional insights and information as they look to do expand our VISION, or who are looking to potentially acquire our advanced wing of supporting fellow Kesarwanis throughout the world.

Through this medium I hope to provide a regularly posted communication on the most recent and the most exciting developments involving our VISION. This will enliven our members and bring them closer to each other. We desire to create a buzz within the confines of the Kesarwani's in India and Overseas. I will also look to enlighten our visitors concerning the very best in our community and what exciting new supports are soon to be released for the members.

As we now begin to provide services, and build customized approach to a wonderful journey called marriage. Opportunities are abound for new members. If you feel that you'd like to join the movement towards better society and provide solutions or to find out how you could participate nationally, regionally or even locally in your area, my personal contact details are listed below.

It's been 4years to this site and we still moving to a great future with about thousands of success stories and still more and more to come our way. My father-Late Jagannath Shaw always said that 'Society is like family you need to support them and build them strong'. Invention of World Wide Web has made us go global and we have to adopt the changes around us. Early adopters, when it comes to new technology, seem to take advantage of and enjoy more of the benefits from adopting something new for them ahead of the pack. Today especially, with all the demands which are being placed upon at the time of marriage is creating a huge necessity for people to understand the importance of coming together and joining our VISION that will truly come to shine, if not excite. Welcome, and May the adventure begin.

-Shree Prakash Gupta,



phone: +91-6291338895